Friday, April 15, 2016

Connecting the Dots to Your Call

When we get a call or email from someone in Northwest Indiana asking for service or repair on an air conditioning system, that means we’ve done something right. And we’ve got an opportunity to do something even better.
Here’s what I mean. When we get a call from someone who invites us into their home, there are several reasons why we just got that opportunity. One, we advertised in a way that increased your trust in us. Two, we performed a past service for you that made your home more comfortable. Or three, someone you know told you to give us a call.
Now, when we get that call, we get to come to your home – an honor indeed. Whether we provide service on your air conditioning and heating, or install a new system, this is our chance to exceed your expectations so that you’ll want to call us the next time you need us.
Frankly, we don’t know a better business strategy than developing strong relationships with our customers. So we’re sticking with that one.
Of course, others choose a different strategy. And you’ll hear from them too. This is why we hope you’ll take a look at this free report, Who Should You Trust to Check Your Home Systems?

Thursday, April 7, 2016

When You Need to See It to Believe It

Have you ever noticed that people seem a little more cynical than they used to? They just can’t quite trust the claims they’re hearing. Or, have you noticed that advertisers keep trying harder and harder to separate you from your money? They just can’t stop making bigger claims.

I’d say one has to do with the other. The bigger the promises, the better the slogans, the tougher the selling… well, it just makes people wonder what to believe. We’re all familiar with the old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it is.” But that doesn’t mean advertisers don’t keep trying to make us forget.

So what’s that got to do with you? And with me?

It’s just my way of saying I’d rather shoot straight with you on what you’ll get and what we’ll do for you. I promise you our best because I want to stay your friend for a long, long time. And for me, friendship starts by treating you right. Give us a chance, and you’ll see for yourself.

As a matter of fact, this info shows what we can do right now for your air conditioning and heating. Please take a look.