Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How a Broken Furnace Can Contaminate Your In-Home Air

When we think about a broken furnace, we often think about it in the sense that the furnace is not working at all or as well it could be in order to heat your home fully. Certainly, this is a problem on colder nights; but a "broken" furnace doesn't always mean it isn't functioning, and not realizing that your furnace could be broken and still functioning could be letting dangerous pollution into your home.

Often, pollution from the furnace doesn't come from a problem, but rather a lack of maintenance. Every year, you should have a maintenance technician out to your home so that they can check the furnace and ductwork. As homes are typically not well ventilated during the winter, to keep out the cold; dust, carbon, and other contaminants often stick around. Said contaminates are blown and settle into the air or carpeting, thus affecting the overall air quality in your home. Much of the time, simply changing the air filter can prevent a lot of contaminants from entering the home. However, if you have breeches in the ductwork, then an air filter may not completely stop pollutants until that breach is fixed.

Of course, the major worry about a furnace polluting your air is the silent killer – carbon monoxide. Usually, the appliance functions to keep this out of the home, but one crack in the heat exchanger or the combustion chamber and it can enter the system, and then enter your home. Therefore, it is so crucial to have your furnace inspected every year or at least have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home to catch a problem before it becomes deadly. While these issues can be costly to repair, they can prevent something devastating from happening. Your air quality could make your family sick, but carbon monoxide is on another level of danger.

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