Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Air Conditioning Check-Up

Just like we see our Doctor on a routine basis to make sure we are healthy, your AC unit needs checking-in on from time to time as well in order to make sure that all its parts are working as it should.

If you do not complete check-ups on your AC unit, you run the risk of it breaking down and therefore forcing you to suffer without air conditioning until the unit can be replaced. We suggest you do yourself a favor and avoid that happening. 

The cost of replacing an AC unit is far greater than that of simply paying for regular maintenance check-ups of your unit, which makes getting maintenance on a regular basis the smartest option. The ideal situation is to have your unit inspected and repaired at least once or twice a year.

However, it isn't going to be clear to everyone what this repair and check-up should involve. The following list should give you an idea of what to expect from an HVAC professional.

AC repair check-up
•    A comprehensive cleaning of the condenser coils in order to increase the efficiency which will then reduce the wear and tear that your system will suffer from.
•    Evaluate the level of the coolant in order to keep the performance at peak levels.
•    Lubricating the moving parts in order to eliminate friction and decrease the system's wear and tear to reduce your system's energy costs.
•    Inspect the ductwork for potential energy losses.
•    Perform an evaluation of the blower motor and belt to check if the system is still in good enough shape to continue performing at an optimal required level.

This list of suggestions should give you some idea of what to expect when you call in professional help for your AC unit. However, while this is not everything that needs to be done, it is a start! We suggest you also start off by giving us a call at Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.