Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Please Your Family With A Lennox iHarmony Zone System Heating Installation

The Lennox iHarmony Zone System allows you to control the temperature in your home by zone. This innovative system blends the reliable technology of an electronic thermostat with the computer programmed and Wi-Fi controlled heating and cooling equipment.

What This Means For You

With the Lennox iHarmony Zone System:
  • You control the airflow to four different areas in your house
  • Cool one room down while keeping the others heated
  • Accommodate the various temperature preferences for the members of your family
  • Allow individual control of each zone, the occupant can set the temperature how they like
  • Monitor the system from one central thermostat
  • Control the system by Wi-Fi from your phone, tablet, or computer
Why Your Life Will Be Better

Once you install the iHarmony Zone System, the days of moving from room to room for more comfort will be gone. No matter where you are in your house, you'll be able to change the temperature without getting up from your chair. Using a specially designed app on your phone, you can also heat up or cool your house down while you’re away. When you arrive home, your house will be at a comfortable temperature.

You will also be able to redirect airflow from empty rooms, saving you the cost of heating in Valparaiso IN or cooling rooms without having to go to each room and open or close the vent manually. The iHarmony Zone System is efficient and economical. Because of the flexibility the system offers, your energy bill could drop by up to 35%.

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